Sri Yoga Muni Dakshana Murthy Guruji is a Hyderabad, India based yoga training and ayurvedic with vanaspati and bhasma treatment center. The center is run by our guruji who stayed 12 years at Himalayas.

Birth of organization

"Trikarana Shuddi" is less in today's society. This way effected the human beings "Sharira". There are three "Prakruthis" in human body. They were affected and changed into "Vikruthi". This human being "Dushkarma" way leads to a great danger for every manavas. Every manav jeevana, jeevithas, bhuktimarga were effected by human being. At last this nature was totally effected and it is in great reaction position. Though they are effected and suffering for help, Sri Yoga Muni Dakshana Murthy Guruji Foundation is established to help seek marg darshan for that type of people through this organization.

All remedies of health problems

Ayurveda offers an holistic medical approach developed in India over 5000 years. We leverage this centuries old wisdom and provide remedies for all sort of health problems. We use vanaspathi,bhasma and yoga vidya vidna to help overcome many healthcare problems and disease. Our guruji, Sri Yoga Muni Dakshana Murthy, has proven experience and is a successful ayurvedic practioner and has fully treated and curing many of his patients. The medicines prescribed by guruji is natural and hand prepared by him and his disciples. It has no side effects and can be taken along with your allopathic medicine prescribed by your doctor. He has succefully controlled epilepsy (fits) problems.


Latest Projects